Working together

There are thousands of different approaches when talking about creating music and being successful about it. With success I mean – to be pleased and happy with the result – and be able to let go of old songs and recordings and find the inspiration to continue creating new songs and melodies. For me success is when creativity has its own flow, when music flows like a well of fresh water.

In some situations and especially when I start up a new project I like to work alone in my studio and then having time to think and try out stuff and ideas without being interrupted too much. As the piece grow and develops I urge for someone to listen and give their opinions and advice. When I was younger I didn’t like when people were messing around with my ideas but these days I thing that is crucial and a very important step to keep the process moving forward and finally get a result that I like. I often send my ideas to other musicians and producers but also to friends that not listen as a musician do. Often their response are very direct and honest.

Collaboration and partnership

Collaboration and partnership when working with music is very important and and I’m always searching for people to work with on my own projects. You may check out my services on the website, and feel free to contact me if you have any request, wishes or just want to say hello. And if you need help on your own projects you may always reach out to me.

Since 2020 I’m a part of Dreamtune Productions and the branch Sound4Apps that creates music and sound effects for computer games and for all kind of applications and we are also looking for people to work with because we thing that being alone is not good for mankind.

The latest release from Sound4Apps – available on Unity Asset store –

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