New single!

The Joy of Badiba is the name of the new single track from the Swedish musician and music producer Robin Tinglöf. The song, written by Tinglöf back in the 90’s, was inspired of bands like Koinonia, Steely Dan, Mezzoforte and of course the legandary guitarist Larry Carlton. Almost three decades later its finally recorded for you to enjoy!

Digital release April 8!

Track credits

Happy to announce the great musicians featured on the track! The amazing Mike Smith (UK) on saxophone, the fabulous Fredrik Pierrou (SWE) on drums and the mysterious Elios Luna (SPACE) on backing vocals.

  • Written by Robin Tinglöf
  • Produced and mixed by Robin Tinglöf (2022)
  • Guitar, bass, keyboards and programming by Robin Tinglöf
  • Saxophones by Mike Smith
  • Drums by Fredrik Pierrou
  • Lead vocals by Robin Tinglöf
  • Backing vocals and and choir by Elios Luna
  • New York sample NYC street (8th Ave) by Knufds

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