Melodies and the piano

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”Melodies and the piano” is a five track EP with low-key piano tunes written and performed by Robin Tinglöf. The idea of this record is to keep the production simple and let the melodies speak for themselves. Inspiration is taken… Läs mer »Melodies and the piano

Songs and such

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September 3 is the release date of the album Songs and such with songs written by Robin Tinglöf and Josef Bernberg. Recorded in MrTinglof studio 2020/2021. Album credits: Oh, thank God you’re real (music Robin Tinglöf, lyrics Josef Bernberg) He’s… Läs mer »Songs and such


Do you need exclusive music for your computer game, video or film production? I write music in many genres and styles and I might be the one you are looking for to help you reach your goals. If you have… Läs mer »Soundtracks

Working together

There are thousands of different approaches when talking about creating music and being successful about it. With success I mean – to be pleased and happy with the result – and be able to let go of old songs and… Läs mer »Working together


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