New single!

The Joy of Badiba is the name of the new single track from the Swedish musician and music producer Robin Tinglöf. The song, written by Tinglöf back in the 90’s, was inspired of bands like Koinonia, Steely Dan, Mezzoforte and… Läs mer »New single!

Let’s connect!

To make it easier for you to navigate and find my stuff, I’ve put some of my most important links here in a link tree. Just click on the picture below to get there. Please contact me if you miss… Läs mer »Let’s connect!

MrTinglof live 2022!

Tour dates with Thomas Järvheden (click link for more info) Feb 26 – Närkesbergs Mars 2 – Mariestad Mars 3 – Kristinehamn Mars 4 – Karlstad Mars 18 – Köping Mars 25 – Eskilstuna Mars 26 – Örebro April 7… Läs mer »MrTinglof live 2022!

Songs and such

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September 3 is the release date of the album Songs and such with songs written by Robin Tinglöf and Josef Bernberg. Recorded in MrTinglof studio 2020/2021. Album credits: Oh, thank God you’re real (music Robin Tinglöf, lyrics Josef Bernberg) He’s… Läs mer »Songs and such


Do you need exclusive music for your computer game, video or film production? I write music in many genres and styles and I might be the one you are looking for to help you reach your goals. If you have… Läs mer »Soundtracks