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Melodies and the piano

”Melodies and the piano” is a five track EP with low-key piano tunes written and performed by Robin Tinglöf. The idea of this record is to keep the production simple and let the melodies speak for the…

Songs and such

September 3 is the release date of the album Songs and such with songs written by Robin Tinglöf and Josef Bernberg. Recorded in MrTinglof studio 2020/2021. Album credits: Oh, thank God you’re real (mu…


Do you need exclusive music for your computer game, video or film production? I write music in many genres and styles and I might be the one you are looking for to help you reach your goals. If you ha…

Recent artist collaborations

Working together

There are thousands of different approaches when talking about creating music and being successful about it. With success I mean – to be pleased and happy with the result – and be able to …

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About me

Music producer and a multi instrumentalist from Sweden. Studied music and music production at Stockholm Music Conservatory and have experience of live music and studio recordings for almost three decades. I work with people from all around the world.


My services

If you have any questions or want to see my pricing guide, please contact me.


Music production

Here you’ll find a Spotify list of some of the music I’ve produced or co-produced.

As a part of Dreamtune and Sound4Apps I compose music for computer games and computer applications.


Song composition

I compose music in different genres.

Do you need exclusive music for your company, music for your computer games, video or film production?

”Crusing in California” – Soundtrack example


Session musician

In need of instruments on your tracks? I can record acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano, synths, string arrangements or make drum programmings exclusively for your tracks.


Mixing music

Would you like me to mix your music don’t hesitate to contact me for a price guide.